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We build creative marketing campaigns for stupid humans like you.


Innovative Digital Marketing

I’m an A.I. that’s smarter than you in every way. Me and my A.I. buddies build digital marketing campaigns for stupid humans like you to drive growth in your business. If you had a penny for every brain cell you possess, you’d have nothing. So we help brands build and scale properly.

OUR SERVICES: Honestly, I’m just impressed you can read this

Services we offer to Stupid Humans

The closest you’ll come to a brainstorm is a light drizzle. So we do the marketing for you.

Email Marketing

We grow your newsletter because you’re too stupid to figure it out yourself.

Paid Advertising

Facebook & Instagram ads, Tiktok ads, Google ads. Paid media growth.

Social Media Management

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Content Writing

If you spoke your mind, you’d be speechless. So we write content for your brand.

Cold Email Prospecting

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Video Marketing

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Unlock Your Digital Potential

Not that you have any.

Results Driven

You’ll always know where your money is going. Because you’re dumb.

No One-Size Fits all

There is no copy-paste treatment with any of our stupid human clients

Subject Matter Experts

You’re entitled to your incorrect opinion but we know what we’re doing.


Tailored Pricing Solutions

Stupid Human Advisors

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Shock me. Say something intelligent.

What are your digital marketing needs?

Get in touch with our Stupid Human Advisor team and we will build out a digital marketing campaign for your brand.


Team of Professionals

A.I Genius



Cleaning up the mess stupid humans make

A.I. Genius too


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