How It Works

Creator Management Program

 You’ve consumed enough content.

Now it’s time to get things done.

The creator management program is like hiring a mentor to manage your business. You get assigned tasks, with due dates, that are designed to accomplish your goals and keep you focused on executing. When you need help, use the chat feature.

1. Set your goal(s)

We start by learning your goals. Do you want to sell your course? Grow your YouTube audience? Or maybe you're not sure? Either way, we figure this out so we can move on to the next step.


2. We create your list

Once we know your goals, now we create your to-do list in the project management tool. We will assist you on what needs to get done and the due dates on when it needs to get done.

3. Speed Of Implementation

After we create your to-do list, it's time for you to get things done. You know exactly what to do so your project manager makes sure you're executing and when you need help, engage in the chat feature.

Day to Day Tasks To Scale As A Creator

Creator Management

Let our team manage your creator business so you know what steps to take on a day-to-day basis to scale your business. We set your day-to-day tasks so you wake up everyday knowing exactly what to do. No confusion. Only clarity on your goals and the steps to get there.

Personal To Do List

We create a to-do list that’s tailored to your specific goals as a creator. Wake up every day knowing what needs to get done

1 on 1 Management

You get a project manager who’s goal is to scale your creator business. Your manager works with you 1:1 to give you ideas and help you at every step

Scale Fast

We push you to get things done fast. Speed of implementation is required to create momentum so we can scale your business fast

Imagine a mentor telling you what to do to scale

Our team  manages your business on a day-to-day basis to push you towards your goals. Sometimes you need someone to push you. Sometimes you need someone to give you clarity on the actions you need to take. 

Getting you set up

We set up your project goals

Each project is designed specifically for you and your goals. Do you want to grow an audience? Sell courses? Improve your ads? What do you want?

Maybe you’re not sure about what to focus on. We help you with that too. 

The key is to make a decision and execute. We don’t give you time to overthink.

Personalized To-Do List

Daily tasks are added

We create your to-do list, with due dates, so you know exactly what needs to get done to accomplish your goals.

Your list will be very clear about the steps you have to take.

We use the OKR method (Google’s goal setting method) to help you get things done.

Every task is designed to keep you focused on your goal.

Chat your project manager

Private Chat

Connect with your project manager so they can help you execute and come up with ideas.

Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off of. Or maybe you just need more help. Use the chat feature to get answers from your project manager.


Send us your analytics

Share your files & analytics

Our goal is to help you so we want you to screenshot your data and send it to us. We will analyze it and figure out how to scale your business.

When we have files that we need to share with you, go to your files section and you’ll download the files.

Creator Management

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