10 Step Offer Checklist

10-step Offer Checklist

  1. Is it specific? 
    1. Will they understand what they get and how they get it?
  2. Is your offer exclusive?
    1. Are you making an offer only to a select few?…Making them feel like they’re part of an exclusive bunch 
  3. Is your offer valuable?
    1. Will they perceive it to be valuable to them?
    2. It might not be expensive but does it have high perceived value to them?
  4. Is your offer unique?
    1. Is this only available through YOUR business?
    2. Ex: product launch affiliates offer bonuses you can only get from them
  5. Is your offer useful?
    1. Do they save money? Save time? Do their jobs better? Etc
  6. Is your offer relevant?
    1. Do they want what you’re offering?
      1. You might be selling pagers but that doesn’t mean people want it
  7. If your offer plausible?
    1. Some offers are too good to be true
    2. Some offers don’t make sense (ex: “$12,000 value and you get it for $39)
    3. It must appear to be credible
  8. If your offer easy to acquire?
    1. Make the order forms clear
    2. Is your email easy to find?
    3. Are your terms & conditions on your page?
    4. Make the buy button easy to find, etc
  9. Is your offer urgent?
    1. Do you have a deadline for them to buy? 
      1. Ex: Early-Bird Special
      2. Ex: Only 300 tickets available, etc
  10. Does your offer have a guarantee?
    1. Remove the risk of buying

What do I get in exchange for giving you X?

  • “What do I get in exchange for give you money, my email, my phone, etc”

Why do I want that?

How can you demonstrate your offer?

Think about ways to describe your offer